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With Palladium prices now over $2500 per ounce there has been a price increase and shortage of this product. Poly-PLUS is a scientifically formulated supplement...

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With Palladium prices now over $2500 per ounce there has been a price increase and shortage of this product.

Poly-PLUS is a scientifically formulated supplement containing Poly MVA and Vitamin A. Poly MVA contains a Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (LAMC) which is composed of the transition element palladium covalently bound to the antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid, creating a potent redox polymer. A redox molecule not only absorbs electrons, but it also donates them. In addition to bound Palladium-Lipoic Acid, the proprietary formulation also contains thiamine, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, formyl-methionine, N acetyl-cysteine and vitamin A. Vitamin A works synergistically with the LAMC formulation to further potentiate aerobic metabolism.

Since the lipoic acid and thiamine cofactors in the LAMC formulation act early in the aerobic cascade, they show the direct its benefit to the mitochondria.

With age, there is a decrease in the ability of body tissues to produce energy, an increase in the production of harmful free radicals, and a decrease in the number of anti-oxidants. Sudheesh et al. (2009, 2010, 2014) have demonstrated that the LAMC formulation not only enhances aerobic metabolism by statistically increasing the enzymatic activity of the Krebs’s Cycle and Electron Transport Chain, but potentiates the quenching of free radicals by elevating anti-oxidant levels in tissues.

In addition to vitamin A’s benefits to the skin, immune system and vision a recent study has demonstrated its enhanced energy benefit to LAMC. In a pre-clinical model of radiation-induced hematological anemia, the addition of vitamin A to the LAMC formulation significantly enhanced hemoglobin content and red blood cell counts, while maintaining LAMC’s anti-oxidant benefit. Additional work has demonstrated that a reduction in vitamin A reduced cellular respiration and ATP production. Therefore, vitamin A’s ability to potentiate oxygen delivery makes it synergistic with LAMC in Poly-PLUS.

In 2009 LAMC formulation was granted, from the FDA, an IND and has completed a Phase I dose-escalation safety at Stony Brook University.

In summary, Poly-PLUS is an enhanced version of the LAMC formulation which can be utilized to potentiate cellular energy, attenuate fatigue and support therapy of metabolically dysfunctional neoplastic tissue.

Information received from Poly-MVA says:

5 Important Reasons why your patients need Poly MVA


We all have energy gaps for one reason or another and research has made it clear that everyone can benefit from target mitochondrial supplementation like Poly MVA. Once we understand the relationship between mitochondria and Poly MVA we know you’ll be motivated to add this to your daily healthy habits. 

The great news is that simply adding as little as ½ teaspoon of Poly MVA to your patients daily routine is one of the easiest ways to increase energy production, protect from oxidative stress and help them feel their best.

Did you know?

There are now more than 60,000 different chemicals in our food and environment. We now have the research to show that living a healthy lifestyle and eating a clean diet is no longer enough and targeted supplementation IS needed.  The surprising truth is that the majority of us have some form of mitochondrial dysfunction or cellular energy pathway that breaks down and needs assistance and many times we feel like our gas tank is running low and or on empty. 

Mitochondrial dysfunction is non-discriminatory... no one is immune!

Mitochondria and why they are important.

Mitochondria are the “energy factories” of our body.  This is not just one mitochondria per cell, this is 1500-5000 mitochondria in nearly every cell in the body.  Mitochondria are vital to our cells daily function and survival as they generate the majority of our ENERGY/adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the cell. Mitochondria are also involved in other tasks, such as signaling between cells and cell death, otherwise known as apoptosis, and they produce 90% of the energy our body needs to function.

On to those 5 important reasons why your patients need Poly MVA.

1) The Standard American diet –Imbalanced and mostly processed, modern day foods are stripped of nutrients and your cells will not be able to receive the vitamins, minerals and amino acids, along with other molecules, that you need for energy production, protection and proper function. This generally leads to a diet and lifestyle that are highly inflammatory which further contributes to individuals that are energy and nutrient deficient, mitochondrial dysfunctional, and otherwise known as sluggish and unhealthy. Your clients need a boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants just to support and target their mitochondria and maintain their health, let alone recover from any short comings.

2) Environmental Exposures -  We live in the most toxic environment the world has ever seen.  Toxins can be found in cleaning products, plastic water bottles, personal care products, mercury dental fillings, and that's just to name a few. Your patients need an additional boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants just to help their body support their detoxification pathways that need energy/ATP to help remove those chemicals and maintain optimal health.

3) Modern living equals constant STRESS - Today’s fast-paced, 24-hour hectic lifestyle taxesour adrenals, which impacts our hormones that ultimately plays a part in energy production. As a result, we need even more energy to adapt and overcome these deficits. Unique supplementation with the targeted Poly MVA complex can help restore, protect and repair mitochondrial function day after day.

4) Anti-Aging- What is AGING? At the heart of this question is one simple thing.. Mitochondria, and less of them. The breakdown of cells, less muscle mass, along with growth and recovery factors, can contribute to decade after decade of cellular degeneration, aka aging. Give your patients the Poly MVA support they need against anti and advanced aging.

Daily Support- Just like maintaining our car or our home, these require regular cleanings and maintenance. Our bodies are no different and Poly-MVA is the powerful nutraceutical that can be used and given in multiple combinations to support all of us, regardless of our age or health state.

To sum it all up:

People take Poly-MVA for optimum health and maximum nutritional support. It is designed to increase energy, reduce occasional fatigue, help to enhance overall health and well-being, and provide nutritional support for those who may have nutrients depleted. * Many people have found Poly-MVA  to improve their health and well being.

    Advanced antioxidant/free radical protection
    Offers fast acting, immediate absorption due to the liquid medium
    Supports energy production at the mitochondrial level
    Supports quality of life
    Promotes overall health and may replenish lost nutrients

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.