Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse - 2 Oz

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Want to Rid Your Body of Toxic Heavy Metals? Metal-Free is an oral chelation agent for toxic heavy metals that is entirely natural and is...

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Want to Rid Your Body of Toxic Heavy Metals?

Metal-Free is an oral chelation agent for toxic heavy metals that is entirely natural and is derived from naturally occurring substances.

Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse is Bodyhealth's new version of this best-in-class detoxification product. 

More about Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse:

Unless you can live in a totally pure environment, you need to support your body’s ability to detoxify the chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals you’re surrounded by. Thorough detoxification is vital if one is to recover from any of the adverse physical symptoms on the list above or maintain mental and physical vigor. *

Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse is the answer to a toxic environment that is challenging every system in your body, morning, noon, and night.

In addition to combining the best herbs and minerals to ease toxins out of your cells, Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse is enhanced with micro amounts of PerfectAmino and also​ contains C60—a micro-activated form of carbon. C60 forms a cage that surrounds each molecule of toxic material so it can be carried all the way out of the body. For comparison, with some other detoxification processes like chelation, toxins that are drawn out of one part of the body can be deposited in another, such as the brain or the heart. The Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse formula supports the body to eliminate toxins from the body.

We are undoubtedly bombarded with toxins on a daily basis. Even the healthiest of individuals cannot escape the burden that our environment poses. For instance, did you know that 80,000 metric tons of carcinogens released in air annually? Or that a reported 2100 chemicals are found in US water supplies? In addition, 80% of foods have genetically modified ingredients.

Over time it is the accumulation of toxins that will choke off our life force and start the decline of our health and possibly cut our life but most certainly our quality of life short. Exposure to chemicals and toxins can result in minor to major symptoms including:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Premature aging
  • Skin disorders
  • Cancers
  • Arthritis
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional disorders
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Heart disease

When and how do we start accumulating toxins?

  • Industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides cross the placenta as readily as residues from cigarettes and alcohol.
  • The Body Burden Study reported 287 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cords from 10 babies tested. The average was 200 chemicals found in the umbilical cord blood.

In the past, there was Metal-Free, an oral spray that was very effective at removing harmful metals chemicals from the body, in conjunction with binders and other products.

Now, we would like to introduce you to our latest and greatest Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse, a standalone product that is proven to help the body eliminate toxic heavy metals as well as numerous toxic chemicals.

In a recent interview with Dr. David Minkoff, he answers some pertinent questions about Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse. See his answers below: 

Q: Does the fullerene in the new Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier?A: Yes, the fullerene molecule is very small and water soluble. A: Because of these properties, it can cross the blood-brain barrier easily.*

Q: How long should a patient be on Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse?A: The initial protocol for Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse is 6-12 months with follow-on hair, saliva, and/or urine testing to determine trajectory of metals and toxins removed. The dose is 1 dropper-full two times a day. As we are exposed to heavy metals and chemicals on a daily basis from our environment, Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse can be used every day for a prolonged period of time without negative side effects. *

Q: What makes the new Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse better than the previous Metal Free product?A: This new version is a stand-alone detox product that does not necessarily require additional products for its full efficacy. The new Metal Free & Chemical Detox product is in a convenient liquid formula, stout with synergistic herbs and minerals to support detoxification, is fortified with PerfectAmino and is also at a better price point than the previous formula.

Q: When will lab-work show positive trends at metal and toxin removal after starting Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse?A: We see urinary levels go up very quickly even after a few doses for toxins and metals. For hair 3 months, for EDTA challenge same.

Q: Does Metal Free & Chemical Cleanse get excreted through the lower GI tract?A: Yes in the bile and urine.

Q: What is the youngest age that we can safely use Metal-Free and what is the dosage?A: We don’t recommend doses for young children and leave that to Practitioner discretion.

Q: With the old Metal-Free, we had to use a spray extender for those with amalgams in their mouth. Is that still the case?A: This new version uses a dropper instead of a spray. Use it sublingually and if there are many fillings present, squirt it in the back of the throat and swallow. There could be binding if in long contact with the amalgams.

Q: Are there any heavy metals that Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse does not chelate?A: It is a universal binder.

Q: Does Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse draw beneficial minerals or noble metals?A: We did not see evidence of this but recommend that mineral supplements be given when doing detoxification.

Q: Fullerene appears to be the lowest content of ingredients. Fullerene is safe to digest, why is the content so low?A: It is very strong so a lot is not required for this product to be effective.

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