IvyGene Test Kit

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You must be a patient of Dr. Thompson to be able to order this item. Please call the office 907-260-6914 to setup patient consultation before...


You must be a patient of Dr. Thompson to be able to order this item. Please call the office 907-260-6914 to setup patient consultation before ordering.

There is a test processing fee paid to IvyGene not Dr Thompson.  The only fee Dr Thompson charges is shipping cost to send you the test kit (Medium Flat Rate USPS Box).

Per IvyGene website

"The IvyGene test is a simple blood draw, with this advanced cancer testing, a medical provider may help guide patients down the proper path, and used with the normal standards of care, the IvyGene test will give patients and providers more insight into a patient’s health at the time of testing. 

Utilizing AI and cutting-edge technology, the IvyGene Platform acts as a highly accurate biomarker to confirm multiple cancers early. Unlike many biomarkers, the IvyGene tests combine high sensitivity and specificity through a simple blood draw.

The IvyGene Cancer Blood Test measures the methylation status of cell-free DNA at target sites that have been demonstrated to be hypermethylated when certain cancers are present. Cancer Blood Test results are reported as a quantitative IvyGene Score, which indicates the methylation status of the target sites. The IvyGene Score is calculated as a composite average of cell-free DNA that is methylated at the target sites as a fraction of the total cell-free DNA present.

These changes in gene expression are highly correlated to changes to the methylation pattern of genomic DNA. Therefore, normal cells and cancer cells can be differentiated by detecting which sites within the genome are methylated.

The IvyGene technology provides a highly accurate way to confirm the presence of cancer and give measurable information about cancer. The sensitivity of the IvyGene Cancer Blood Test is approximately 84% and Specificity of the IvyGene test is approximately 90%. Our laboratory has validated the IvyGene Cancer Blood Test with these 4 cancers: breast, colon, liver, and lung. Preliminary testing for an additional 20 cancers has demonstrated an elevated IvyGene Score and as we complete the validation for additional cancers we will update this list.

The sensitivity of the IvyGene Liver Cancer Test is 80% and the specificity is 86%."

When results come back our office will contact you and discuss if consultation is required and schedule an appointment if needed. 

This cost of the kit does NOT include the consultation with Dr. Thompson.

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