H2 Elite

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Molecular Hydrogen Additive for Water. Helps increase awareness, attention to detail, level headedness, and clarity. Helps cellular energy production. Very safe and natural, also provides Magnesium. Dissolve the tablet in water and anticipate a fairly quick increase in energy. Totally safe and natural. There are no known side effects at any level of consumption. The tablets are way easier to use than the Molecular hydrogen water and they travel well. There no measurable or traceable effects. The effect is fairly short lasting, possibly up to 1-2 hours. There is zero potential for abuse or over use. 

The Duterium (hydrogen) depleted water, also for sale on this site. Hydrogen depleted water has a more lasting  or sustained effect by directly increasing Mitochondrial energy production, but that product is more expensive. Studies have shown that Mitochondria shut down every 4.6 seconds. When this hydrogen depleted water is consumed, they stop shutting down and run continuously. Incredible healing effects with this water have been reported.  

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