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NOT AVAILABLE TO PERSONS RESIDING IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK!!!!! This is mandated by the State of New York, not by our office. ***...



This is mandated by the State of New York, not by our office.

*** Testing has changed and now includes testing for Boron ***

*** There is $30 discount for repeat HTMA test, please order Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Repeat if you have ordered this test from us before. *** 

This is a kit with directions that will be mailed to you, you need to cut enough hair at the root/scalp to tip scale in the kit. Once done this is mailed back to our office and we send to Trace Elements for testing.

This is the most important health test anyone can ever have, no exceptions. No diet recommendations, no medication recommendations, no blood pressure medication recommendations, or supplement recommendations should be made, ever, without this test or the person making the recommendation will be wrong 90% of the time. This is the Calcium Lie 2 primary message.

Who would fly on an airlines that went to the wrong city 90% of the time? Who would fly an airplane in the clouds without a compass, altimeter, or GPS to know where they are? Even the PDR is often wrong due to not considering the implications of existing intracellular tissue mineral levels before making a specific medication recommendation. This test will change your health and diet and allow corrections to be made that are scientifically proven to be accurate. Please watch the book lecture online to understand this further or read the Calcium Lie 2. Follow up levels should be obtained every 6-18 months to insure improvement is happening, however slowly. Dr. Thompson encourages patients to put their Lab number in their smart phone, for future comparison testing. This is currently the most reliable and most accurate lab in Dr. Thompson's 16 year experience. 

It is HIGHLY recommend you schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson to go over your results.  Dr Thompson has very valuable knowledge from years of research and knowledge that is slightly different then report that comes from Trace Minerals. Please call the office and schedule an appointment. Telephone Consults are $386.00 PER hour. They usually last 1 to 1 1/2 hours. 

Since 1984 Trace Elements has been recognized internationally as a leading provider of HTMA laboratory services and nutritional metabolic products for doctors and health professionals of all specialties worldwide. Through exclusive distribution agreements and direct-client associations, Trace Elements serves health professionals exclusively in over 46 countries.

Having surpassed one million HTMA patient specimens, Trace Elements continues to demonstrate our full commitment to the principles of ultimately serving those patients by best supporting you, the clinician. Through unrelenting attention to excellence in laboratory testing, related services, doctor education and continuing nutritional research, Trace Elements mission is to continually assist in improving patient care and response to treatment for those we serve.

Sample Collection Protocol

Proper collection of the hair sample is extremely important and cannot be over-emphasized. Collection should be done within a clean environment. The following guidelines should be maintained to insure the collection of a metabolically representative sample and to avoid the introduction of external contaminants prior to, during and following the collection process.

Sample Type

Scalp hair is the only source recommended for analysis. Pubic and other body hair should only be used as a last resort if scalp hair is not available.

Note: Pubic and other body hair is only recommended for confirmation of elevated toxic metals found in the scalp hair and/or to rule out external contamination of the scalp hair.


The portion of hair to be collected should be untreated, i.e. not permed, dyed or bleached. If all of the hair has been chemically treated, wait until sufficient new virgin growth has emerged to allow collection. The hair should also be free of all gels, oils and hair creams prior to sample collection. For those individuals environmentally and/or occupationally exposed to external contaminants, (welding, mining, etc...) special care should be taken to limit exposure between washing of the hair and the collection of the sampled hair.


Each collected sample should be taken in small portions from at least four to five different locations of the scalp. The recommended areas for collection are the nape of the neck, posterior vertex and posterior temporal regions.

Note: All reference range correlations, dietary recommendations and interpretive report content assumes that the complete hair specimen originated solely from the above defined regions of the scalp.

Sample Length

High grade stainless steel scissors or thinning shears should be used to cut the hair as close to the scalp as possible. The length of the collected hair should not exceed one and one-half inches. The proximal portion (one and one-half inches closest to the root) should be retained and the excess discarded.

Note: The proximal portion is reflective of the most recent metabolic activity.


The weight requested for a hair specimen is 125 milligrams (0.125 Gram). Use of the TEI Hair Weight Scale Cards will insure the collection of sufficient sample weight. However, if a Hair Weight Scale is not available, one full teaspoon should approximate the weight requirement.


Upon cutting the sample, the hair should be placed directly into a clean hair specimen envelope provided with the kit, then sealed with the glue flap only. Do not use plastic bags in place of the standard paper envelopes to hold the hair specimen. In addition, do not use staples, paper clips, adhesive tape, aluminum foil or other metal and paper material of any kind to seal, secure or wrap the hair envelope and/or the hair specimen contained within.

Submittal Form

Each sample specimen must be accompanied by the standard HTMA Laboratory Submittal Form, completed in its entirety and signed by Dr Thompson after we receive your sample back..

This cost of the kit does NOT include the consultation with Dr. Thompson.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.