DIM (BioResponce DIM 150) 60 Cap

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 (3,3'Diindolymethane) This is an amazing substance. As a molecule, it is known to reduce DNA methylation. DNA over methylation is known to be associated with precancerous changes and cancer. DNA methylation levels can now be determined by a blood test called Ivygene which is available through my office.

We have determined that the Ivygene blood test which is used to detect DNA methylation levels (FDA approved test) may detect cancer up to 3.5 years before any radiologic test can detect it. The Ivygene test may also be used to detect precancerous changes in a person's DNA. 

This product has been shown to be the best DIM product on the market and is at least two times as powerful as I3C as it has two Indole molecules joined together, whereas I3C only has one. DIM has also been shown to reduce 16OH estrogen levels which may also be protective for the breast. I have added it to my daily regimen.

For more information about the Ivygene test, contact my office (907-260-6914), however, please be aware this blood test is only available to my patients.

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