Hydro Health (24 Bottles) <25 PPM Hydrogen Depleted Water 500 ml Bottles (16.9 oz)

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Deuterium is the word for the Hydrogen Atom Neutrons. Deuterium depleted water is water that has the hydrogen molecules significantly reduced. Normal water has 150 PPM Hydrogen. So less than 25 PPM is very impressive water. 

Why drink Deuterium Depleted water? We have observed that the Mitochondria Electron Transport Chain (ETC) shuts down and reboots commonly every 4.6 seconds (Information from the Metabolic Center at UCLA). What they have observed is that when the body is given Deuterium Depleted water daily, the mitochondria do not shut down. They produce ATP and GTP energy molecules continuously. This continuous energy production is what we would expect for the Mitochondria ETC if working efficiently. This continuous Mitochondrial ETC energy production causes the cells to begin to function more efficiently and amazing amounts of cellular energy causes healing responses to be greatly improved. 

The suggested use is at least one bottle daily. Keep in mind the Hunza people which were studied for their great health and extreme longevity drank glacier water of @135 ppm total deuterium. People that want to deplete their deuterium levels faster and lower will dilute to 80 ppm or below, and drink that every day. Studies by Russian scientists also show that 1/2 - 1 liter per day of 5 to 10 ppm for 7 days per month is very effective as well to manage the total body burden of deuterium.

For more serious issues, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson to discuss your individual needs. 

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