Car EMF Sheild-"Super Zorb" (Shungite), for protection from EMF in your vehicle

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Car Shield (5x the size of cell shield) is an EMF absorber or neutralizer. Protect yourself and your family today! Every electronic device should have EMF protection attached when in use. 

EMF is everywhere today. Depending on Free radical iron levels in the body (reflected by blood Ferritin levels), EMF has various levels of toxicity. EMF is known to be a class 2B carcinogen. This zeolite (Shungite) substance has been clearly shown to absorb EMF.  It is used to coat our stealth airplanes and ships. 

I encourage all my patients NEVER to hold the mobile phone to your ear to talk when it is actively signaling emitting microwave radiation and never use it in the car without an external antenna. Always set it down to search the internet or to press send for texts. Do not hold it in your hand when it is actively signaling. Do not put it in a pocket unless it is in airplane mode. Turn off the WiFi when it is not in use. Never have a mobile phone in the bedroom unless it is in airplane mode. Remove ALL electronics from the bedroom. 

Brain cancer has passed Leukemia as the number one cause of death from cancer in children. If an adult holds the mobile phone to the ear, the microwave penetrates about 1.5 inches into the brain cooking the tissue slowly with microwave radiation. In children, this is more than double that depth, even crossing the hemispheres into the midbrain. Please be thoughtful with regards to your EMF protection and avoidance.

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