Calcium Lie II Book

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The Calcium Lie 2 is a re-write of the first book The Calcium Lie first published in 2008. Everything in the first book is in the second. The Calcium Lie 2 has more information, more bold statements, more definition, more references, and has introduced several new concepts including The Thompson-Doberhiner Principle of Mineral Substitution in human and animal physiology never before described, more specific information about the correct diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism (the book lecture online also includes type six, not in the book), more information about the drug vitamins and their toxicity, more information about the adverse effects of excess calcium, and a new chapter about who needs calcium and why, among other information. The book is available for Kindle on Amazon, and is also available in the Finish language. It has received 5 stars on Amazon, and remains a best seller and a classic must read for all who desire to be more healthy and to maintain their health. The praise of and for this book does not stop, and most who read it do so multiple times, underlining and highlighting, to try to grasp the incredible amount of information Dr. Thompson has shared in this book. Please tell your loved ones and friends about it.

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