Baby and Me 120 Tablets

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 This is currently the best prenatal vitamin from a multi whole food standpoint. While not perfect, not Dr. Thompson's formulation, not having enough C, having minerals added that may not be correct, and not containing enough Iodine to make a difference, it still is the best we know of. One two times per day is the suggested amount.

In pregnancy, Dr. Thompson strongly also recommends added Innate C at least 2 two times per day, Trace minerals at least 15 per day or 3 1/2 tsp (divided to tolerance, find your dose and repeat as often as needed to get to the level needed, i.e. no loose stools) used in pregnancy to equal the loss of minerals to the baby and to replace daily loss, and iodine 12.5 mg per day (Iodine supplementation in pregnancy has been shown to increase baby's IQ's over 10 points in two large studies and may have other significant health benefits, as first suggested by Dr. Thompson, page 54 of his Iodine book, also in chapter 5 and 6 of the Calcium Lie 2.)

Iodine specifically counteracts the elemental iodine interfering effects of Bromine.

Bromine is in almost everything and must be avoided especially before and during pregnancy. Bromine is found in flour, bread, jars, cans, bottles, non-organic fruit especially strawberries, hot tubs, asthma inhalers, swimming pools, and the list goes on. If it does not say on the label "not brominated," assume it is in there! The manufacturers do not have to list bromine if it is in their product. (See Dr. Thompson's book on Iodine).

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