B12 Spray (liposonal)

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This is clearly one of the best B12 products on the market. If B12 is needed or to correct deficiency, this is clearly one of the best products there is. It tastes great and usually works to help correct B12 levels. Liposomal for rapid absorption across the mucous membranes of the mouth. Suggested use is two squirts orally, hold 3 minutes without swallowing for best results. 

Too much B12 can cause cobalt to accumulate, so please use it correctly and when needed to correct levels. Dr. Thompson recommends checking B12 levels at 3 month intervals and when over 600 (what he considers the minimum normal) change to or find a maintenance dose needed or rely on food, especially red meat to get the needed B12. There is simply no known reason or known benefit to having higher levels than 1,000. Too much cobalt can have undesirable effects.

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