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Deuterium is the word for the Hydrogen Atom Neutrons. Deuterium depleted water is water that has the hydrogen molecules significantly reduced. Normal water has 150...

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Deuterium is the word for the Hydrogen Atom Neutrons. Deuterium depleted water is water that has the hydrogen molecules significantly reduced. Normal water has 150 PPM Hydrogen. So less than 25 PPM is very impressive water. 

Why drink Deuterium Depleted water? We have observed that the Mitochondria Electron Transport Chain (ETC) shuts down and reboots commonly every 4.6 seconds (Information from the Metabolic Center at UCLA). What they have observed is that when the body is given Deuterium Depleted water daily, the mitochondria do not shut down. They produce ATP and GTP energy molecules continuously. This continuous energy production is what we would expect for the Mitochondria ETC if working efficiently. This continuous Mitochondrial ETC energy production causes the cells to begin to function more efficiently and amazing amounts of cellular energy causes healing responses to be greatly improved. 

The suggested use is at least one bottle daily. Keep in mind the Hunza people which were studied for their great health and extreme longevity drank glacier water of @135 ppm total deuterium. People that want to deplete their deuterium levels faster and lower will dilute to 80 ppm or below, and drink that every day. Studies by Russian scientists also show that 1/2 - 1 liter per day of 5 to 10 ppm for 7 days per month is very effective as well to manage the total body burden of deuterium.

How Deuterium Depleted Water Helps

Light water (another name for Deuterium Depleted Water) a product of modern technologies is water in which the content of heavy isotopes of hydrogen are reduced in relation to natural level of these normally found in water. As showed by numerous experiments and studies, such water exerts a surprisingly beneficial influence on the human body including immunomodulatory and rejuvenating properties. Purification of natural water by removal of the Deuterium based elements is carried out by very difficult, power-intensive and expensive technologies, the output is limited, and therefore such product is not only expensive but not as available as usual “mineral waters”. For this reason despite the unquestionable health benefits the drinking of deuterium depleted or light water is not yet widely adopted except for its use (successfully over the last 20 years in Europe) as a complementary approach in the treatment of tumor based diseases. And in the USA light water is officially recommended as preventive anti-carcinogenic means.

How lowering the amount of deuterium in your cells helps with Cancer.

  • Lessens the ability of cancer cells to make the energy they need to continually grow and divide via the alternative metabolic pathways.
  • Takes away the energy cancer cells need to metastasize.

How lowering the amount of deuterium in your cells helps your Immune System.

  • Lessens the availability of deuterium to dis-regulate and turn off the immune system.
  • Lessens the availability of deuterium that infectious pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and protozoa need to grow.
  • Mitigates the growth of existing infections while stopping the occurrence of new infections.

How lowering the amount of deuterium in your cells helps delay the processes of aging

The analysis of a phenomenon of longevity shows that long-livers live, generally in mountain districts and regularly consume mountain water. Longevity of the northern people is connected with the use of thawed snow of glaciers. This fact is explained by the fact that thawed snow contains a lower content of deuterium in comparison with normal drinking water and by drinking this water or any depleted deuterium water over time:

  • Depletes deuterium from your existing DNA and allows it to fold properly.
  • Gives you the right Lego pieces to make “good DNA.”
  • Stops the high rate of mutations in cancer cells and, therefore, increases the effectiveness of drugs – even those that didn’t work at first.
  • Allows cells to stop replicating and mature like normal cells – all normal cells die a natural death called apoptosis.

Increase in energy resources of the person

Positive properties of light drinking water are confirmed with researches and clinical tests. It was shown that the animals drinking the water which is grown poor by a deuterium differed in playfulness and high mobility. Consumption of light water by volunteers in volume of 1 liter a day promoted improvement of parameters of haemo dynamics that created conditions for growth of physical working capacity.

In Summary

By lowering the levels of deuterium in the body by drinking Depleted Deuterium Water (DDW) or light water as it is also known has unique properties on rejuvenation and improvement of a human body which are confirmed by research and clinical tests. Ref:

For more serious issues, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson to discuss your individual needs. 

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